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Gudel Lineartec UK Ltd

UK manufacturing industry must wake up to automation


A dramatic increase in investment in robotics and automation will be essential if we are to remain competitive and achieve the productivity levels required to attain the growth needed to sustain our economy, according to Güdel UK’s Will Bourn looks at the UK’s past record of investment in robotics and automation, and the positive impact that future investment can have on UK competitiveness.

REO (UK) Ltd

Energy review tells only half the story


While welcoming the UK Government's launch of an independent review into reducing energy costs, Steve Hughes, managing director, REO UK, explains why he believes it only tells half of the story

ABB Limited

How are you spending your downtime?


For many, planned downtime is a critical part of the production cycle, allowing engineers to assess the status of equipment and ensure it is fully functional and make planned repairs and upgrades. This process has traditionally been something of a bugbear. However, smart technologies mean things are changing. Here, Robert Glass of ABB suggests how plant managers can make the most of downtime