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MasterMover Ltd

The problem with engineering apprenticeships


One of the most pressing problems for the UK industrial sector in recent years has been the skills shortage, an issue that will once again be at the centre of the public's consciousness in light of the UK Government's recently-introduced apprenticeship levy. Here, Andy Owen, managing director of electric tug specialist, MasterMover, explores why the engineering skills problem is persisting — and what businesses can do about it.

EU Automation

The robots are coming


In 1994, American scientist Marvin Lee Minsky, released a whitepaper which famously asked the question, ‘Will robots inherit the earth?’ While it may still be some time before we replace ourselves with androids, automation is having a significant impact on the way we work. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of obsolete industrial parts supplier, EU Automation, predicts the impact of robotics on the job market.  

Cressall Resistors Ltd

Research and development - industry’s road to success


Manufacturing flexibility has never been as important for industry as it is today. In a world of interconnected devices and smart factories, the ability of a manufacturer to innovate and adapt to its customers’ requirements is vital. For many manufacturers, the road to innovation starts with research and development (R&D). Andrew Keith, engineering director of Cressall Resistors, discusses the role of R&D in the manufacturing industry