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Arco Limited

CE is no guarantee


CE markings are no guarantee of safety, according to Neil Hewitt, divisional director, Quality and Technical Standard at Arco. Here, he discusses the potential risks for your business


Millions wasted due to R&D blind spot, according to new research


More than 8 in 10 engineering and building firms could be eligible for Research and Development (R&D) tax relief on new products and services, but only 39% of them have ever claimed, according to specialist tax relief firm Catax. Here, the company explains more 

TM Robotics (Europe) Limited

Should robots be taxed?


There has been talk in some quarters about a potential tax on automation and robotics, Here, Nigel Smith, managing director of Toshiba Machine partner, TM Robotics, explains why he believes slowing down the machine economy would lead to a productivity disaster. 

RS Components UK Ltd

AI vs human involvement


Heiko Luckhaupt, industry sector marketing manager of RS Components, looks at AI and considers the benefits it will offer in light of an ever-changing modern workforce

Endoline Machinery Ltd

Shining the spotlight on high-tech, automated systems in support of Industrial Strategy


The formation of the Food & Drink Sector Council, as part of the Government’s new Industrial Strategy, has been welcomed by automation specialists and according to Endoline Machinery, it will underpin a positive change for the UK’s manufacturing outlook. 

Software AG

Manufacturing trends in 2018 and beyond


As we start a new year, Sean Riley, global industry director for manufacturing and transportation at Software AG, outlines five manufacturing trends he believes we will see in 2018 and beyond

Boulting Technology

The changing face of work-based placements


Change can be a daunting experience, especially when the future is unknown. However, for many, change can come with a multitude of benefits. Here, Lucy Speed, HR advisor at engineering solutions provider, Boulting Group, explains the important role work-based placements have on the evolving engineering sector

Gudel Lineartec UK Ltd

UK manufacturing industry must wake up to automation


A dramatic increase in investment in robotics and automation will be essential if we are to remain competitive and achieve the productivity levels required to attain the growth needed to sustain our economy, according to Güdel UK’s Will Bourn looks at the UK’s past record of investment in robotics and automation, and the positive impact that future investment can have on UK competitiveness.

REO (UK) Ltd

Energy review tells only half the story


While welcoming the UK Government's launch of an independent review into reducing energy costs, Steve Hughes, managing director, REO UK, explains why he believes it only tells half of the story

Pacepacker Services Ltd

The time is right for food and drink SMEs to invest in automation


Paul Wilkinson, commercial & information systems manager at Pacepacker Services, examines the current challenges of the food and drink industry and details how he believes robots can assist SMEs to boost productivity and compete with larger industry players