Diagnostic videoscopes

11 July 2018

The new 800 x 600 resolution Fluke DS701 Diagnostic Videoscope and 1200 x 720 resolution Fluke DS703 FC High Resolution Videoscope are built for industrial maintenance troubleshooting and quality assurance testing and are designed to stand up to the challenges of a rugged environment.

Each videoscope is engineered to withstand a 2m drop and features: High definition probes with dual-view cameras, allowing the videoscope to take images and video either forward or to the side to capture the images in difficult or hard to reach locations. A 7-inch LCD screen allows easy viewing and the IP68-rated probe (imager) protects against dust and water projected from a nozzle;

Up is Up technology rotates the display screen to allow for appropriate image display, regardless of the orientation of the probe location (available with selected probes). There are macro to micro zoom function and adjustable lighting helps capture the best image. The videoscope has p​rocessing speeds that render a smooth, clear, consistent image and there is an intuitive user interface with easy-to-navigate button technology.

The DS701 and DS703 FC videoscopes are designed for a variety of industrial applications, such as production (e.g. inspection of bearing surfaces and lubrication; gear helix inspection), aircraft maintenance (e.g. blade inspection; engine hot section contamination), and automotive quality assurance (e.g. testing of casting goods; inspection for cracks, chips, and contamination in HP chambers), and heavy duty maintenance (e.g. inspection of clogged pipelines; corrosion in rotors and stators).

The Fluke videoscopes include an EVA foam case, hand strap, neck strap (DS703 only), HDMI and USB cables, and TPAK magnet hanging strap.