Digital pressure switch range

02 January 2019

SMC is kickstarting 2018 by extending its ZSE20(F)/ISE20 digital switch range. The A, B and C variations share the original ZSE20(F)/ISE20’s display, setting, selectable delay time, and lightweight and compact design. All models simplify the visualisation process for operators, while saving time as there are fewer push button operations to perform.

The added variations also match the terms of enclosure, output type and media of the current series: 
· A Model-> Current ZSE30(F)/ISE30A-> IP40, NPN/PNP and Analogue output 
· B Model-> Current ZSE40(F)/ISE40A-> IP65, NPN/PNP and Analogue output 
· C Model-> Current ZSE80(F)/ISE80-> IP65, NPN/PNP and Analogue output, for fluids.

A spokesperson from SMC says: “Following the success of our ZSE20(F)/ISE20 pressure switch last year, we have taken the step to extend the range with these latest models. Customers have been particularly impressed with the functionality of design, its ease of use and accuracy of information that is readily available with minimal delay. They have found it both energy efficient and cost effective to operate.”

Further flexibility and advantages of the ZSE20(F)#/ISE20# include the peak and bottom values are maintained, even if the power supply is cut, offering greater control in the process.

Also, being compact and lightweight, the models not only deliver space savings, but due to the weight reduction there are less inert moments when the sensor is mounted in mobile applications such as robotic arms.

For more information about the Z/ISE20 range, visit SMC’s New Product Section at: