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New compressor range: Energy-efficient and compact

16 May 2018

Gardner Denver has introduced new energy-efficient, oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors. Part of the CompAir L-Series, the new units – available in 30, 37 and 45kW models – are offered in both fixed and regulated speeds.

Each unit is capable of delivering consistent, high quality and cost-effective compressed air, providing pressure ranges from 5 to 13 bar and volume flow between 1.33 and 8.67m3/min.

‘E’ models of the range are available and feature a larger airend with optimised rotor tip speed. This can help operators achieve additional energy savings of up to 5%.

All compressors in the range are powered by an IE4-IP55 motor and drive system with a new, improved filter design that reduces running and maintenance costs. This also improves air flow to reduce pressure drop, with low idle power consumption for further savings.

At just 1.58m2, all units have a small footprint, making them suitable for installations where space is at a premium. The new design, however, still matches up connection points with previous models, to ensure replacing existing models is a hassle-free process.

Models in the range also enjoy low noise and vibration levels, meaning the unit can be situated closer to production environments without special foundations, further reducing installation costs.

The latest units feature a new Delcos XL SE controller, a touch-screen control system that offers owners and operators insightful monitoring capabilities. The system is fully integrated with iConn, Gardner Denver’s cloud-based air management platform, enabling operators to easily manage, optimise and improve their compressed air services. The units can be monitored remotely too, so operators can ensure any potential issues are quickly resolved and performance is optimised at all times.

Dora Artemiadi, product manager for Oil Lubricated Compressors EMEA, said: “With a small footprint and low noise level, these new units are easy to install and service, and represent an excellent opportunity for operators seeking an upgrade to older machines with air demands of between 30 and 45kW. Alongside these operational and performance improvements, iConn means owners can benefit from increased control and monitoring capabilities, leading to fewer risks, improved productivity and reduced energy consumption.”