Heavy duty forklifts

11 September 2018

TCM is targeting the heavy-duty forklift market with the re-entry of its FD60-100 range which offers both energy efficient and environmentally-compliant power units.

The new versions feature a completely reconfigured Kubota Euro Stage 1V engine and exhaust system that is fully CE compliant. TCM has completed fuel economy comparison tests that show up to 20% fuel reduction on its 7t 55kW engine compared to its previous model and about 5% on is bigger 81kW truck.

To enhance fuel efficiency, the FD 60-100 series has an ECO mode. This further lowers emission, noise levels, and fuel consumption. Operating under this setting is said to facilitate a potential fuel saving of 11%, without compromising the truck’s operational performance.

The range also includes two new ‘lighter duty’ trucks with a smaller 55kW output engine, and a choice of 6 or 7t load capacity.

All the new trucks are equipped with advanced safety, driver comfort, maintenance and management oversight features to boost work-place performance and productivity. 

An on-board diagnostics menu integrates self-checks and a reporting function. It helps to keep an eye on the truck and highlights when maintenance is needed, or problem-solving interventions are required.        

For more intense operational tasks, TCM has introduced its new Kubota powered 81kW output forklift, with lift capacity options of 6, 7, 8 and 10t equipped with clean air technology and extremely low exhaust emissions. 

Using a combination of DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst), DPF (diesel particulate filter) and SCR (selective catalytic reduction), exhaust emissions are reduced.