Hot water units

29 November 2018

The Stokvis Econoplate BV Series of semi-instantaneous hot water units presents specifiers with a choice of sizes and outputs to suit premises with modest plant room space and medium levels of hot water demand.

Requirements are met by combining an Econoplate plate heat exchangers with different sizes of storage vessel. The hybrid unit takes up less space than installing a separate Econoplate PHE. Stokvis says it could typically cut capital cost by £2K or more.

The BV (Brazed heat exchanger with Vessel) can supply domestic hot water direct on demand, or rapidly reheat the stored volume which can be 300, 500, 800 or 1000L. 

There are five heat output capacities, rising from 56 to 231kW, with flow rates from 606L in 10 min to 1551L in 10 min. The peak output over a 1h period can be 4851L. Based on a primary flow temperature of 80°C, recovery time for the smaller stores can be as little as 6 min. 

As with other heating and hot water equipment within the Stokvis Energy Systems range, the Econoplate BV units are built to a high standard with sophisticated control options. For higher demand applications, multiple units could be installed in parallel.