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Plenty of power for large bolting applications

13 November 2018

The Chicago Pneumatic CP6135-D80 1-1/2in impact wrench provides engineers with a powerful, high-performance tool that is suitable for large bolting applications in the industrial /MRO sector. 

This tool is said to have the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class and provides maximum torque of 8000Nm at 16kg, with a high impact rate of 760BPM.  This means it can meet virtually any super industrial bolting /unbolting application in heavy industry, helping maintenance engineers minimise downtime and therefore enabling companies to save associated costs.

The tool has high durability thanks to its Rocking Dog clutch mechanism (which is encapsulated with grease for constant lubrication), and its plain steel motor parts. With a steel clutch housing and aluminum body, it is rugged, providing high reliability in the harshest environments.

Operator’s safety is key. As such, the tool has low vibration of 10.9m/s2, some 30% lower than some comparable products. It also has a low noise level and a front exhaust that’s angled at 45° to direct exhaust air away from the operator. Operator-friendly, the tool has a reversible side handle (6-position), a full teasing trigger for smooth operations and increased control, and there is option to change to inside or outside trigger, according to preference. The tool has a convenient forward/reverse switch for ease of use, and a balancer attachment to suspend the tool for increased safety and productivity.