Integrated IO Link for sensors

04 January 2019

Carlo Gavazzi continues to extend its product offering of IO Link communication by launching the IBS04 & ICS05 with integrated IO Link communication.  The IBS and ICS series are among the smallest inductive sensors with on-board IO-Link communication available in the market.

Each device is easily configured by setting the internal parameters via an IO-Link master. The IBS04 and ICS05 series are suitable for industrial automation equipment in applications where space is very limited and where non-contact detection of metal objects in general position-sensing and presence sensing is required such as tool selection, robotic position-sensing and control of micro-mechanisms.

The IBS and ICS family are available in a robust stainless steel housing, Ø4 smooth barrel or M5 male threaded barrel and have an operating distance of 0.8 to 1.3mm.The active face can be installed flush and comes with a choice of 2m PVC cable or M8-disconnect plug to allow for flexible mounting options, and offers high speed detection with an operating frequency of up to 6kHz.

After connecting the sensor to an IO-Link master it is possible to configure additional advanced functions such as: Programmable sensing distance and hysteresis, switch point (single, two point or window mode), timer functions, temperature alarms, divider function to read the speed of a sprocket (RPM counter).  Setting configurable outputs such as PNP/NPN and NO/NC Push Pull.  All these parameters can be changed on-the fly.  The in-built micro controller ensures stability with respect to environmental influences with highly repeatable measurements between -25 and 70°C. 

Both the IBS04 and ICS05 Series of miniaturised proximity inductive sensors are suitable for all factory and automation applications, including plastic & rubber, precision positioning, materials handling, packing and wrapping applications, and machine tools. They are CE, UL, CSA, and IO-Link certified.