Latest video borescope

20 June 2018

Following on from the introduction of the VUCAM XO 6mm video borescope, the latest version, the VUCAM AF is a 4mm diameter unit designed to support inspections in hard-to-reach areas through smaller openings. 

The small, lightweight and portable visual inspection equipment features an ergonomic user interface, touch screen operation and precise camera control. Easy to adjust, the 5,7in screen can be tilted to achieve the best viewing angle. A life-time warranty high power LED light source provides illumination to the scene. The camera head can be remotely articulated through 360°.

The high quality crisp image is displayed for evaluation and captured digitally as JPEG or digital video onto SD card. Text comments can be edited without covering image information and recorded using a touch keyboard.

While all functions are accessible on the touch screen interface, the most frequently needed are also available as direct access buttons under the users finger tip – making inspection fast and intuitive.

The water tight probe with a diameter of 4.0mm and probe lengths to 3.3m will ensure simple access and long reach. The system and all its accessories are stored in a slim, tailor-made case

VUCAM AF  is suitable for a wide range of markets and applications. For more information and to arrange a demonstration, please contact distributor Crimson Industrial Vision