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Network rental scheme

07 August 2018

Rugged supply chain hardware and services company Renovotec is introducing a new ‘Network Rental Scheme’ with built-in service guarantees, technical support and expert advice. The company says it is designed to help warehousing and logistics operations keep pace with rapid changes in network technology and the security threats posed by the modern, IIoT-driven network.

The scheme, which offers both short and longer-term rentals and accommodates 3PL ‘cost-plus’ contracts guarantees that its networks will remain fully up-to-date. Renovotec uses remote monitoring to anticipate problems in its rental networks before they arise, with a ‘no blackspots’ service guarantee and 4h engineer response available. Highly flexible payment options include monthly rental subscription. Warehouse devices can also be rented under the scheme.

“Warehousing and logistics companies can no longer afford to invest in network infrastructure and then simply sit back, ‘job done’ ” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard. “The network landscape is changing constantly and companies need to respond. Also, the powerful new devices that are now available to the industry are only as good as the network on which they run.”

Renovotec’s introduction of its Network Rental Scheme follows its recent launch of a warehouse ‘Network Healthcheck’ service, which measures whether an existing warehouse network is fit-for-purpose in today’s challenging supply chain environment.