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Quirepace Ltd (BVC)

Our AGV team is part of Quirepace Ltd who have for many years been installing conveying systems in locations such as hospitals, laboratories, warehouses and major supermarkets. In 2009 they combined their unique knowledge and resources with Lamson, probably the leading force in developing the pneumatic tube system in the 19th century. (Well into the 20th Century the name Lamson and pneumatic tube systems were synonymous.) Combining the strengths of the two companies enables us to offer customers a wealth of engineering skill and experience in pneumatic conveying.

The addition of the AGV team with its experience of conveying in buildings and the unique range of ‘intelligent’ AGVs enables us to offer an even wider range of effective solutions to conveying and materials handling.

To find out more call our AGV team on 02392 603700 or CLICK HERE to visit our website, where you will find an online contact form.


Quirepace Lamson - Penumatic Tube Systems

Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Pneumatic Tube Systems for Healthcare, Industrial and Retail Industries.

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Quirepace AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicle Solutions for Industrial and Healthcare applications.

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Quirepace BVC - Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Air Blowers and Exhausters for all Industries.

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