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Cut your hose costs

25 January 2013

ERIKS unveils a new hose testing service for those who use industrial hoses in production systems, especially in food, beverage, chemical or pharmaceutical processing.

If you use industrial hoses in your production systems, especially in food, beverage, chemical or pharmaceutical processing, then you'll be familiar with the challenges of maintaining hoses in optimum condition, says ERIKS.

The company adds: "The chances are that you'll have experienced cracked, perished and leaking hoses, together with the costs of unplanned downtime, contamination and clear-up.

"If so, then a new hose testing service from ERIKS will be of interest. With the option of on-site testing, by one of ERIKS' dedicated mobile teams, or testing at one of the company's Hose Technology centres, the new service will help your engineers improve the productivity and safety of industrial equipment, and will ensure that you comply with the latest legislation."

ERIKS' specialists test each hose with a combination of external visual inspections, for signs of wear and abrasion, and advanced endoscopic camera technology that shows the exact condition of internal hose surfaces.

The camera system detects partial blockages, deposits, internal tears and pop-corning defects, few of which are discovered during standard machine maintenance procedures. Hoses are also pressure tested to one and a half times the rated application to ensure that they are safe for use.

Once tests are completed, hoses are condition rated - green, amber or red - depending on condition, then engineers can take remedial action. Test data is also logged to an online asset register. This can form part of a long term plant maintenance programmes and play an important role in helping customers cut hose replacement or repair costs.