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A glimpse of the future

02 May 2013

A recent press event, in addition to enabling me to learn more about KNX technology and the KNX UK Association, gave me the opportunity to visit The Crystal, which is a Sustainable Cities Initiative by Siemens....

The building itself was designed to achieve top scores in international assessments for energy-efficient buildings, and KNX intelligent building controls are playing a part in achieving this. One of the world's most sustainable buildings, The Crystal uses solar power, ground source heat pumps and LED lighting.


Located at the western end of the Royal Victoria Docks in East London, it is a fascinating place in which to spend time if you've got any interest in the development of our cities. Open to the public, an interactive exhibition guides visitors through the urban infrastructure of the future, focusing on possibilities for sustainable mobility, building technologies, power and water supplies, and healthcare.


By 2050, some 70% of us are expected to be city dwellers. If you think you're likely to be one of them, a visit to The Crystal offers an insight into what the urban future may have in store.