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Is your compressed air pipework system leaking money?

17 October 2013

Teseo UK’s goal is to save customers’ money by providing a 100% leak-free high flow compressed air delivery system. Robust, safe and versatile enough for the modern marketplace. Too many businesses are reliant on outdated, inefficient pipes and fittings which force compressors to work harder to meet the task. More and more customers are finding that Teseo’s hollow bar system (HBS) and aluminium profile (AP) are the answer.

Efficiency Savings
HBS and AP are industry leaders that satisfy efficiency and regulatory requirements. The smooth profiled aluminium tube generates increased energy efficiency thanks to high flow rates that are typically 30% higher than steel products. This equates to a lower pressure drop and overall energy and cost savings compared to traditional galvanised systems from day one. Typically, for every 1 bar reduction in air pressure, 7.5% of compressor power (Kw) can be saved. When combined with correctly sized receivers and an effective pressure control, significant energy savings are easily achievable.

Teseo Innovation
Teseo’s robust aluminium extruded piping has an external rectangular section with tee slots making it an attractive and practical solution. A wide selection of angled and straight joints & clamping brackets make this system totally flexible in layout and quick to install. Teseo’s unique hot tapping system, which allows for live system drilling, means connections to production equipment can be added simply and safely with no system down time. In an industrial environment this versatility eliminates downtime and subsequent loss of production and reduces labour costs. Also with all joints double 'O' ring sealed the Teseo system is leak free, substantially reducing energy costs.

Strong, Safe and Easy to Install
Lighter than traditional steel airlines to install thus reducing stress on buildings and fittings, HBS and AP systems are not lightweight in performance; the internal connection system’s configuration makes it the most robust aluminium system available and, unlike other systems, Teseo uses no plastic connectors which are points of weakness in case of fire and makes electrical earthing easy.

Providing an ergonomic workplace solution with health and safety at the forefront, Teseo’s ATS air track supply system has been designed to complement the HBS and AP compressed air supply lines.

Accessories to the system include an anodised aluminium swinging arm and for the HBS 50 system, a trolley that fits directly onto the distribution line. There are also workbenches manufactured from anodised aluminium profiles which include ATS systems for the tools and one support leg pressurised acting as both a reservoir and feed line. To find out more about how Teseo can save your company money contact us today.