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British-made nitrogen generators

17 October 2013

Nitrogen Generators are not new technology or particularly energy efficient , however they can save industry hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, every year! Nitrogen is used across all business sectors from general manufacturing to modified atmosphere packaging for the food industry. The common denominator is many plants rent bulk Nitrogen tanks and pay for it to be delivered weekly or daily !

One of the few things we don’t pay for is Air, not yet at any rate! 78% of the atmosphere is made up of Nitrogen fact, which is free as established so why would you pay for it? Eventually large users of Nitrogen are realising this and the actual costs involved in keeping their plants supplied with it. At Hi-line we are giving those users the opportunity to make their Nitrogen on site, with massive money saving opportunities. With payback times as short as six moths in some cases, it offers a great potential to reduce manufacturing costs of products.

The skid mounted generators from Hi-line use the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle to remove Oxygen and trace gases from compressed air. This involves a carbon molecular sieve medium which has a shorter cycle time than a zeolite/desiccant. The Nitrogen from the generator is stored in a buffer tank on the skid at high purity levels (up to 99.9%) awaiting process demand.

Hi-line Nitrogen generators are designed to match individual site usage requirements, and should not be confused with "fixed output” equipment normally available from other suppliers, where operating costs can remain at uncommercailly high levels irrespective of actual fluctuating or generally lower level Nitrogen requirements.

All supplied as standard with an award -winning touch-screen technology with on-board Oxygen analyser, while gas purity, pressure and flow are constantly monitored and adjusted to maintain requirements as specified by the individual customers and ensure the lowest possible running costs.

Hi-line offer a fee free consultation to any business interested in reducing their spend on Nitrogen in the UK.