Battery management

13 January 2014

The new Hawker BSI40 battery status indicator from EnerSys provides users with a cost-effective solution to manage battery fleets for warehouse trucks and other mechanical handling equipment.


Suitable for new and retro-fit installations, the system enables life-long service reliability and sustainability and has been designed for use with the Hawker Lifetech HF range of high frequency chargers. It can also be integrated with existing chargers by the addition of optional sensors.


The BSI40  panel is suitable for wall or rack-mounting and can manage up to 40 chargers. Four panels can be networked which means a maximum of 160 chargers can be supported by a single system – more than enough capacity for most fleet users. Batteries can be configured in up to 10 separate groups or families. In this way the system can manage chargers and batteries with different specifications to provide operators with a high degree of flexibility and scalability.


The indicator can be used to enforce first in, first out battery rotation to promote balanced and optimised fleet utilisation. Although it will work with most types of battery chargers, using it with the Hawker Lifetech HF range of high-frequency chargers is said to add a further dimension to fleet operations; the Lifetech range offers efficiency levels of over 90% and charging factors of 1.08 to 1.15 depending on the battery technology.