Making your mark on metal

20 March 2014

Weldability-Sif has introduced a range of paint markers to satisfy the many applications in the metal working industry that require identification.

Paint markers have a good resistance to atmospheric conditions and are more difficult remove, even when solvents come into contact with them, making them a suitable choice for any long term marking application.

The 'Squeeze Marker' can be used for precise marking on small parts or to create intricate shapes. Paint is delivered via a 1.4mm robust, metal nib which is able to provide precisely controlled paint delivery, allowing elaborate, detailed marking to be achieved.

The 'Pump Action Paint Marker' is suitable for general purpose marking applications. Fitted with a rubber grip handle, it is suitable for use with a gloved hand and the pump action tip optimises paint flow and produces clear, crisp markings. The fibre tip is reversible to maximise the life span of the marker and tips can be replaced if damaged before all the paint is expelled.

For larger areas that need to be marked, the large tipped 'Jumbo Marker' is a 14mm wide felt tip, with paint dispensed using a pump action control for accurate application. In addition to the permanent Jumbo marker there is also a white removable version using the same wide nib and pump action, but for use where the marking required is to be removed after use.  

If parts need to be galvanised as part of the manufacturing process the 'Metal-Pro Galv Marker' can be used, this offers the same benefits as a pump-action paint marker, but markings do not need to be removed prior to dipping in the galvanising tank. The paint simply dissolves, leaving no visible signs after the galvanising process.

When marking metals that are coated with oil or other lubricants, the marker will require a trace of solvent in the paint mixture, which eliminates the bleeding of the paint in oil upon application. The 'Bottle Paint Marker' is suitable for these applications. It features a metal roller ball nib and paint is delivered via a squeeze action, resulting in precise marking with the optimal amount of paint used.