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Bakery invests in cleaning system

23 March 2014

An East Midlands bakery has invested in a centralised BVC Centurion Ti80 industrial vacuum cleaning system to clean relatively inaccessible areas such as silo penthouses and internal silo tops/bottoms.

The system enables centralised collection of waste product, therefore removing any health and safety issues of machines being moved by personnel up and down vertical cat ladders.

Some 198m of pipework and fittings are installed, interconnecting 18 hose connection points, serving six internal day bins – four above and four below – with a final point in front of the BVC static industrial vacuum cleaning machine located elsewhere. 

The vacuum cleaner is located in a safe area which does not come in contact with the materials being extracted by the system and is  powered by a 15kW motor. The machine is protected by a vacuum relief valve which opens when no hoses are attached. 

Displaced air is filtered within the BVC ‘clear flow’ filtration system and particles collected within a removable 80L bin at the base of the filter chamber with the bin provided with a lift and tip facility for emptying.