Extended battery choice

16 April 2014

Providing more choice and greater flexibility to specify plug-and-play power sources that can be charged for as long and as often as required to support total operational autonomy, EnerSys has extended its range of Hawker XFC batteries with 2V cells.

There are now 30 models in the range with capacities between 130 and 750 Ah (C5) in a variety of industry-standard sizes. The batteries combine advanced performance and high efficiency with low overall cost of ownership and are suitable for a range of materials handling applications including counterbalance trucks, reach trucks, pallet trucks, order pickers and automatic guided vehicles. Minimum gassing ensures they can be used in sensitive manufacturing locations, retail areas and public spaces. The battery is virtually maintenance free and no water topping-up is necessary.

The Hawker XFC range of batteries changes discharge/recharge operating procedures compared with conventional lead-acid batteries. The batteries can be used when in a partial state of charge and deliver efficient, stable performance even at high discharge rates. The charging profile of the Hawker XFC technology allows a rapid recharge in less than 4h from 60% depth of discharge and opportunity charging as often as needed without damaging the batteries.


This means that Hawker XFC batteries can be specified for power-on-demand applications where charging can be done whenever the operator requires, whatever time is available. In this way they enable complete flexibility in the deployment and use of handling equipment to support multi-shift operations.

The batteries with 2V cells build on the success of the original Hawker XFC range with 12V blocs introduced by EnerSys in 2007. The 30 models in the range are designed to match the industry standard shape and size for materials handling equipment applications which means OEMs and operators have more choice and greater freedom to specify batteries that meet their performance requirements.