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LEEA launches new reference guide

02 July 2014

LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) has launched the eighth edition of its Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment (COPSULE), along with a new version of its companion publication – the User’s Pocket Guide to Lifting Equipment.


First produced in 1981, COPSULE is written by independent industry experts and is a leading reference document for the selection, operation and maintenance of overhead lifting equipment. Addressing common causes of lifting-related accidents, COPSULE supports safer working practices and provides practical guidance to help staff comply fully with relevant health and safety legislation.


Updated and redesigned for 2014, COPSULE runs to more than 430 pages and now features a perfect bound paperback format. In addition to explaining the universal principles that provide the foundation for any safe lifting programme, COPSULE looks in depth at a wide range of equipment, including hoists, winches and slings, giving the reader detailed advice on effective methods of installation, inspection, maintenance and storage. The latest edition also incorporates a section dedicated to electric overhead travelling cranes. 


To coincide with the publication of the eighth edition of COPSULE, LEEA has unveiled an updated version of its User’s Pocket Guide. Designed as a handy reference tool for workers responsible for carrying out lifting operations, this compact A6 publication offers at-a-glance information on key issues such as legal compliance, planning lifts, and selecting, using and inspecting equipment.


Available direct from LEEA, COPSULE costs £25.00 for member companies and £100.00 for non-members; the User’s Pocket Guide is £10.00. Prices exclude postage and packing. Contact LEEA on 01480 432801 or email mail@leea.co.uk for more details.