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Interaction and communication

24 July 2014

Andy Jones, managing director at Mattei, explains more about BCAS' Compressor and Vacuum committee and Mark Ranger, the committee's new chair, outlines some of his objectives

Andy Jones explains: "The committee is a forum for manufacturer members to discuss technical issues, legislation and standards relating to the manufacture of compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps. While the format and frequency of the meetings has changed over the last few decades, its purpose to inform and to share information remains the same. 

"Since I took over as chair back in April 2012, the committee has delivered some fantastic achievements. We have re-launched and re-established the committee and reverted back to holding regular six-monthly meetings. These are well-attended and feedback suggests they are both informative and useful, providing a good forum for interaction and the exchange of information on a variety of subjects. 

"As part of ensuring relevance and focus for attendees, we also established the low pressure working group to focus specifically on this sector. We were also able to recommend to the BCAS board that the committee felt it was time to start providing statistics on compressor sales split between variable and fixed speed in order to provide better market data. 

"However, in order to ensure that the committee meetings remain interesting and fresh, as well as to encourage additional participation and new ideas, I believed it would be helpful to have a change of chair and I have therefore now stepped down from this role and will focus my efforts on my forthcoming new position as president of BCAS. Mark Ranger, national sales manager at HPC Compressed Air Systems, will be taking over. 

Commenting on his appointment, Mark Ranger said: "My primary objective for the Compressors and Vacuum committee is to encourage continued interaction and communication throughout the manufacturer’s network, and I want all members to feel that the committee is adding value. 

"Initially, the main area for discussion among committee members will need to focus on ISO 11011 data logging and reporting.  ISO 11011 was introduced in August 2013 and its main purpose is to encourage end users to assess their compressed air systems via companies that carry out energy audits in line with the new guidelines, and to subsequently take the recommended actions to reduce their energy use.  

"Responsible compressed air equipment manufacturers and suppliers provide customer energy audits as part of their service offering.

"However, prior to ISO 11011 there were no industry standards or guidelines, so audits would vary. Individual manufacturers and suppliers had to decide for themselves how to measure compressor energy consumption, and what recommendations to make to their customers. Now that we can all adopt the principles set out in ISO 11011, energy audits should be regularised.  

"We should now all be offering similar advice and carrying out the same assessment and auditing procedures. Although ISO 11011 is voluntary, our committee will aim to encourage end users to see the value in assessing their compressed air usage within a standardised framework – particularly before they invest in a new compressor.     

"In addition to the ISO 1101, other topics for discussion will include equipment performance data standards and statistical data and information exchange. These topics remain high on manufacturers’ radars and the BCAS Compressor and Vacuum committee is in a fortunate position to represent the market and to provide the vehicle to drive conversation in these areas.  

"Going forward, I would like to see more companies working together and joining in these industry debates, thereby adding a more universal appraisal of what is needed to make the committee a worthwhile and respected forum.”