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Metal analysis capability shown on YouTube

09 September 2014

Accurate metal analysis is key to many of the procedures undertaken by Blue Diamond Technologies, an engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of metal parts and components.

To demonstrate its competence, particularly in its use of the Arun Desk Top PolySpeck Spectrometer, Blue Diamond has produced a video which shows the device in action, enabling Blue Diamond to apply stringent checks on materials being used in manufacture. To view the video, go to YouTube and enter 'Blue Diamond Technologies – Metal Analysis'.

Explaining why metal analysis so important, Blue Diamond says if it is responsible for the manufacture of a particular part, it needs to ensure that the metal content matches the material agreed with the customer.


Blue Diamond is sometimes asked to ascertain the metal content of a part for which the original specification has been lost. In this situation, the spectrometer can act as an aid for reverse engineering, helping to recreate parts of unknown provenance. Also, if a metal part is not performing as it should, analysis of its content may suggest a reason why this is so.