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Energy efficient and long-lasting

28 November 2014

Having gained vast experience in the development of LEDs via the demands of photoelectric sensor technology, Turck Banner believes its Lighting & Indicators division to be perfectly placed to contribute to – and compete in – the ever-expanding LED lighting market.


The company offers a wide range of task lights which provide an industrial alternative to fluorescent and halogen bulbs in enclosure, area and machine lighting, including control cabinets and panels. Several key additions to the range will be available shortly, including a twin fluorescent replacement unit designed for low/mid bay applications.


Launching in January, the WLB92 work light is an ultra-bright LED fixture that features an even light output. Suitable for a variety of applications, including stores, workshops and manufacturing lines, it provides a working life in excess of 50,000h. Beyond that, units continue to function with no more than a 30% reduction in light output. Maintenance scheduling is therefore easier, with no risk of being left in the dark. 

Turck Banner points out that energy efficient LEDs can use as little as 10% of the energy of conventional lighting to illuminate the same area and says that, coupled with fittings designed for LEDs to maximise output, they are more efficient in directing light where required.