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Latest compressors boost energy savings

11 May 2015

Atlas Copco has extended its portfolio of oil-injected rotary screw compressors with the introduction of new GA 110-160 VSD models that enable customers to reach even higher productivity levels and reduce operating costs.


The addition of energy efficient variable speed drive technology to the GA 90+-160 range, which has already improved efficiency by up to 5% compared with the previous generation, provides for even larger energy savings of up to 35%, cutting the life cycle cost of a compressor by an average of 22% compared to a fixed speed machine.

"In today’s industrial environment, our customers are looking for solutions that improve sustainability, efficiency and productivity, while lowering operational risk. We are therefore very proud to further enhance our oil-injected portfolio with the integration of VSD, which will enable customers to achieve more energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions,” says Mark Ranger, business line manager of Atlas Copco’s Oil-Free Air division in the UK.

Thousands of Atlas Copco GA air compressors are currently operating around the globe in applications including power plants, mining, cement, glass and metal industries. The new GA 110-160 VSD compressors are the result of this solid industry knowledge combined with innovative features, such as Atlas Copco’s intelligent Elektronikon controller and SMARTLINK data monitoring system, that help users to further optimise compressor operation and increase savings. To reduce operating costs, the new compressors also offer longer service intervals and reduced maintenance time. 

In addition to variable speed drive, the oil-injected rotary screw GA 110-160 VSD compressors have a variety of additional energy savings features including an IE3 motor, no-loss water separator drain and energy recovery module – which are available on models within the wider GA 90+-160 range. 

A special integrated dryer concept also delivers clean, dry air to improve the process’ reliability and further increase energy savings. This all-inclusive design provides for a reduced floor space requirement, meaning that installation costs are considerably reduced.