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Pipework system praised for its flexibility

30 July 2015

When a new compressed air distribution system was needed at Persico Spa's Nembro factory in Northern Italy, Teseo provided 5km of its Hollow Bar System (HBS) piping, designed to meet strict energy efficiency standards.

The Bergamo-based company is primarily engaged in the automotive, industrial and marine industries. Founded in 1976, Persico Spa provides co-design, engineering, prototyping and modelling services, combined with automation systems.

As part of a refurbishment project at the industrial site, which covers 18,000m2, the existing manufacturing set-up has been expanded with new business divisions. Until recently, the different units were fully independent, each with a 30-50kW compressor; now, a compressor room with three inverter compressors (including a back-up machine) with 75, 55 and 37kW rating, supports a central distribution backbone. This approach has lowered consumption significantly and resulted into an estimated 30% cost saving.

Due to demand peaks and discontinued operations in the different units, the design and optimisation of the compressed air systems presented a challenge.

TESEO Hollow Bar system piping was chosen and 5km of piping was installed.

Piercarlo Guerini, owner of consultancy company CGC, explains: "To meet the customer’s requirements for 8 bar pressure, with minimum pressure drop and irregular consumption, we adopted HBS80 in the compressor room; for the main circuits and for most cross lines we used HBS50. The drop columns, made with HBS32 and HBS25 piping, were defined on-the-fly, in order to meet the specific requirements of each department; this approach was made possible by the flexibility of the TESEO system.

"The potential to modify the system after installation is essential for a building that is still undergoing modification and construction. We have also added connections for the future monitoring of each unit, so that the company can monitor costs and assign them to each production order, as part of our ongoing quest to improve energy efficiency."

"The quality and flexibility of TESEO’s system, which we had come across in previous projects, were key factors in selecting the supplier,” says Giuseppe Cividini, who supervised the refurbishment of the facility. "Persico Spa’s mission is not production, but rather prototyping, which pushes the limits of creativity beyond what you think is possible. For this challenging project, we selected reliable, competent partners with a high-tech profile, who could effectively analyse our requirements and raise the bar.


"We are not just happy with what we have done so far, we are already considering a new project for a 3300m2 area where we would like to use TESEO systems for compressed air distribution and for vacuum as well.”

Teseo UK operates from a new office and warehouse complex near Braintree in Essex. It carries substantial stocks of the entire Teseo range, enabling next day delivery across the UK.

The company provides a training facility at Braintree and also carries out training at customers' premises. Internal technical sales staff ensure that all enquiries and orders are dealt with quickly and efficiently; external sales staff cover the whole of the UK, providing support and design back-up for both distributors and end users.