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Pre-planned chiller hire helps preserve stored food

16 September 2015

When a major food distribution warehouse needed to upgrade its in-house chiller it called upon the services of Andrews Chiller Hire, to provide a solution that would keep warehouse temperatures at a safe level for preserving stored food.


During discussion with Andrews’ sales engineers it became apparent to the customer how Andrews’ Fast Chill units would provide a solution. The portability of the Fast Chill 90 units meant they were quick and easy to install and, providing 100kW of cooling at -10°C, they ensured stock did not degrade during a scheduled plant shutdown.

The FC90 units were placed at a high level within the storage area and connected to a bank of exterior heat exchangers to dissipate the extracted heat to atmosphere.  They draw hot energy into the system, this passes over a cold coil, is converted into water which is then pumped to a condenser within the heat exchanger where it is discharged outside the building. The Fast Chill 90 has a powerful fan delivering 10,000m3 cooled air flow with a capability down to -10°C and the ability to maintain local environments to within ±0.5°C.

During the past decade many organisations operating chilled and cold stores have had to implement planned maintenance programmes for a R22 refrigerant swap out or consider a more costly option of investing in totally new plant.

The major food chain distributor had carefully pre-planned for closure of its’ in-house cooling plant and taken positive precautions by discussing their situation with chiller hire experts, Andrews Chiller Hire, to ensure food stock would not degrade.  On the scheduled date Andrews delivered and installed a total of ten Fast Chill 90 Low Temperature Chillers to keep the warehouse at the required temperature until maintenance work was completed.

The simplicity and speed of installation of the Fast Chill hire range makes it ideal for many applications especially in the food and beverage sector, specific engineering process applications as well as in pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Andrews Chiller Hire provides 24/7, 365 day access to specialist engineering staff who will advise and offer solutions to maintaining room temperature, whether it is an office environment issue, a production problem or chilled warehousing requirement.