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Tough approach to cable management

25 September 2015

Energy chain specialist igus has launched a stronger, more robust version of its twisterband rotary motion cable management system – twisterband HD.


Developed to give operational and functional reliability to rotating applications that require mixed services, for example, power, data, air or fibre optics, with high loads and small installation space, twisterband HD supports up to 20 turns around its own axis.

Justin Leonard, director, igus, says: "twisterband HD combines the strength and stability of the new twisterchain design with the compactness, flexibility and multi-rotation capabilities of the proven twisterband. To accommodate high loads, the new band segments have been designed for added strength and stability, and allow rotational movement at low temperatures."

The outer diameter of the energy chain is just 300mm and height starts at 250mm, guaranteeing high strength with minimal installation space requirements. Due to the innovative design, high angles of rotation are possible with horizontal rotary motions of around 7000° (20 full turns) and vertical to 3000° (8 full turns), while reliably guiding energy, data and media.

Combined tests with chainflex cables at the igus in-house lab indicate service life results of more than one million rotary cycles even under tough conditions. Tested in temperatures ranging from -40 to +80°C, twisterband HD is suitable for use in outdoor environments, as well as indoors. The predefined minimum bend radius prevents damage to cables, while the special hinge design that connects the individual segments allows fast assembly. The link design also allows fast filling with cables and hoses from the outside.