Table-top robot

11 October 2015

Since R. A. Rodriguez established its automation operating division, Universal Robots have proved popular products in its range and have allowed the company to engineer cost-effective production solutions that allow humans and robots to work collaboratively without the need for safety guarding.

Until recently, two sizes of Universal Robots completed the range, but now they are complemented by a lightweight, table-top version, the UR3.

They compact and virtually noiseless UR3 has a footprint of just 118mm and is the product of three years of development. It weighs 11kg but has a payload of 3kg, ±360° rotation on all wrist joints and infinite rotation on the end joint.  

These features make the UR3 one of the most flexible collaborative robots in its class. It’s suitable for applications that require 6-axis capability where size, safety and costs are all critical issues. Power consumption is equally low; 100W using a typical programme.

Central to the design is the inclusion of a patented safety system that makes the IP54 classified UR3 particularly suitable for tasks that require human interaction. A total of 15 advanced safety functions are fully adjustable to meet the needs of specific applications.

A wide range of I/O ports are easy to configure either as digital or safety signals and the robot has standard communication protocols for easy integration into the automated environment.

The flexibility of UR3 allows this new addition to assist in a wide range of applications across industry  It is said to be cost-effective for automating single tasks such as gluing or screw-fastening to ensure consistent process quality, but is equally suited to picking, assembling and placing parts on the production line.  

Due to its compact form and easy programming, the UR3 makes it simple to switch between tasks to meet agile manufacturing needs; programming is via a 12in touchscreen.  As a result, says R A. Rodriguez, the total cost of ownership is low and the payback period fast.