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Low weight lifeline for those on the edge

20 December 2015

Honeywell has introduced Miller TurboLite Edge, a lightweight and highly durable self-retracting lifeline (SRL), which weighs just 1kg. The new fall protection system, which is reported to be 15% lighter than most comparable products, offers users increased comfort, freedom of movement and immediate arrest in case of fall.

“We recognised a growing need for a lightweight, fully edge tested and compliant SRL, that would help workers in demanding conditions and environments feel safe and confident with their fall arrest device,” said Corentin Barbieux, product manager of fall protection solutions for Honeywell Safety Products, EMEA. “The lifeline has been designed to provide workers with a single solution for protection in all working at height situations, including those at foot level.”

Miller TurboLite Edge is fully edge-tested and certified for workers weighing up to 140kg due to the use of highly durable reinforced webbing. The lifeline is also approved to be attached at foot level (FF2) to protect workers who are at risk of falling over an edge but have no choice for a higher anchorage point (FF1 or FF0). It has a quick locking mechanism for reduced fall arrest distance, especially important when little vertical clearance is available.

Other features include two swivels, one on the housing and one integrated to the aluminum anchorage connector, stopping users from feeling restrained whilst moving. The swivels prevent the webbing from twisting and therefore removes any risk of the retractor blocking when it is engaged.

The twist-lock top karabiner enables the SRL to be quickly and easily attached to a harness, while the inclusion of a highly visible fall arrest indicator on the webbing enables both user and safety manager to easily identify when the system has been exposed to a fall.

Miller TurboLite Edge is certified to EN360:2002 and meets all tests VG11.060 (edge), VG11.062 (140kg) and VG11.085 (FF2).