Permanent floor repair

01 August 2016

At IMHX 2016 Permaban will be showcasing its industrial floor joint repair system which was recently used at Kawasaki Precision Machinery’s UK manufacturing base in Plymouth.

Permaban Signature Arris Repair (AR) replaces damaged saw-cut joints, or sections of the industrial floor where a straight armoured joint and the surrounding concrete have suffered under the impact of hard wheels.  It provides a permanent, professional repair - saving building owners and operators the cost and disruption of future floor repairs.

The damaged joint at Kawasaki Precision Machinery was in a hard-working forklift track and walkway.  A previous repair to the joint had been carried out using mortar, but the area had once again become badly damaged.

The affected part of the floor was cut away to create a channel, into which the Signature AR replacement length of joint was placed, together with the supplied bonding agent and repair mortar.  The area was then ground to a seamless finish.

The repair took just 14 hours to complete; and the area was brought quickly back into use to minimise factory disruption.

Signature AR’s shape means that forklifts can now pass smoothly over the top in any direction, even 90⁰,  without impacting on the joint.  This means future joint damage cannot occur.

Permaban Signature AR will be on display on the RCR Flooring Products stand at IMHX.

Stand 11M19