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Instant wireless data transfer

21 November 2016

Wi-Fi is standard in the all-new dBAir from Castle Group which sends measured data directly to the Castle Cloud software platform.

One of the most tedious aspects in the process of carrying out Noise Assessments is transforming your measurement into a report. This involves taking the data from the sound meter, downloading it to a computer, exporting data into the software, interpreting the data and finally creating a report. All of this can be handled seamlessly with the Castle dBAir and the Castle Cloud software portal – and you don’t need a book to be able to work it all.

By connecting the dBAir to your Wi-Fi network in just the same way you would connect a phone, the instrument then knows exactly what to do with the data once you have measured it. By the time you have walked back to your office, the data will be waiting for you on The Castle Cloud; all you have to do is log in.

The dBAir itself comes in a number of systems to suit various applications from occupational noise, to environmental assessments and others dedicated to uses such as construction noise, railways, planning and consultancy provision. Each of these contains all the parts needed to complete the task and they are simple to use.