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A world first

22 February 2017

The DDLS 500 is the first optical data transmission photoelectric sensor for location-independent remote diagnostics.

Optical data transmission photoelectric sensors make it possible to wirelessly transmit the data in industrial networks from moving system parts in conveyor systems, such as high-bay storage devices, gantry crane bridges or side-tracking skates, and to do so without interference over long distances.

Devices available on the market up to now require a not insignificant amount of effort for alignment and adjustment during commissioning on site and permit only local error diagnostics. The new DDLS 500 from Leuze electronic now combines excellent performance data such as 100 Mbit/s real-time transmission over a distance of up to 200 m with a world first: by means of remote diagnostics through the use of an integrated web server, all relevant data can be called up worldwide.

Remote diagnostics via integrated web server

The new DDLS 500 optical data transmission photoelectric sensor from Leuze electronic convinces through its simple usability – not only during commissioning and alignment, but above all through the new possibility for location-independent remote diagnostics: Thanks to the integrated web server, specialists worldwide – regardless of where their desk is located – can call up all information needed for the analysis of error messages on a machine or system. To put the machine or system back into operation as quickly as possible, specialists no longer need to travel long distances and personally perform the diagnostics on-site. Rather, they can initiate maintenance work remotely and can accompany and support the maintenance personnel accordingly. Especially as the internationalisation of companies increases, the possibility of remote diagnostics via web servers represents a large time and money savings and makes the new DDLS 500 optical data transmission photoelectric sensor an economical, efficiency-increasing, central network component. To monitor availability and performance reserves, the received signal level is monitored constantly.

In this way, it is possible to provide an early warning of an impending failure caused by excessive soiling, for example. In addition to the received signal level LEDs on the control panel, the prefailure message is also available as a signal. All warning messages which may signal an interruption of the transfer are displayed in real-time and in the DDLS 548i version, actively transferred to the control using process data as a Profinet participant. For quick and simple on-site diagnostics, the DDLS 500 has a status LED visible from afar for displaying warnings and errors which further simplifies maintenance and diagnostics. The described new technical features significantly distinguish the new DDLS 500 data transmission photoelectric sensor from Leuze electronic from all devices previously available on the market in the area of optical data transmission and thereby make it a world first.