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Keeping the yogurt flowing

13 March 2017

To ensure a smooth transition of product ready for dispatch, UPM Conveyors has worked closely with Tims Dairy in Chalfont St Peter to provide solutions to its end-of-line yogurt pot tray packing and stacking into stillages.

Tims Dairy is a private company that has been producing yogurt for more than 66 years. Originally supplying ethnic delicatessens and restaurants its foodservice business has grown significantly over the years and requests from consumers prompted the launch of a retail range in 2009. 

This range is available in selected branches of Asda, Budgens and Waitrose, plus farm shops and speciality food shops, and online with Ocado.  After significant investment it now has capacity to produce 200t per week made with fresh British milk and cream delivered daily. The milk is heat treated then combined with live and bio-live cultures to produce a range of Greek style, wholemilk and low fat yogurts, all made with natural ingredients.

Together UPM Conveyors and Tims Dairy have designed a carousel with work stations that incorporate a central packed tray conveyor to allow operators to pack 150 pots per minute into trays which can then be transferred to a stillage via the central conveyor. The system needed to comply with strict hygiene standards, including full pressure wash down, so all construction was stainless steel with electrical controls to IP67.

The system was completed and personnel from Tims Dairy visited UPM for pre-delivery inspection allowing the complete unit to be supplied on site ready for immediate operation into production.

Further automation is being considered by Tims Dairy in conjunction with UPM based on the success of this project.