Dali drivers

05 June 2017

Harvard Technology has launched new innovations in the CoolLED programmable driver range, adding both a 40 and 50W Dali Low Voltage SELV variant in the CLS case platform to what is a growing programmable range. 

The power factor corrected, fully isolated SELV output Dali drivers, are initially available in two variants – 200-700mA and 700-1400mA – delivering up to 40 and 50W of power respectively. 

The drivers support smooth linear dimming over the entire output range with low output ripple, and enable users to programme the output current by either resistive or software programming.

Surge protected to 4kV, the new generation CoolLED drivers boast a highly efficient design that delivers significant energy savings. Drive efficiency performance at 88%, at full load, is said to optimise cool operation, longer life and class leading system efficacy. Flicker is reduced to a minimum due to the driver design. 

A wide input voltage range makes the programmable drivers suitable for a variety of applications including – but not limited to – warehousing, manufacturing, commercial offices, education establishments and retail.

The new drivers can be easily implemented as part of a wireless lighting controls solution, and are fully compatible with Harvard Technology’s wireless control and management system, EyeNut.