In-line safety screens

17 May 2017

As a specialist in miniature, precision components, The Lee Company is continually developing and enhancing its range of safety screens to effectively block contaminants.

An example of this is the development of a new line-mounted screen, the LEE HI-BAR Wash Flow Safety Screen. This configuration features a high strength, drilled safety screen integrated within a T-fitting assembly. The main, unscreened flow travels straight through the fitting while fluid exiting through the T-fitting end passes through the filter to critical components requiring additional protection. This design can be easily customised to meet a wide range of fitting envelope, material and screen hole size specifications.  

A key benefit of the HI-BAR Wash Flow Safety Screen is its one-piece smooth, internal surface. This eliminates risks associated with traditional wire mesh design filters that contain uneven surfaces and pockets within the pipe diameter which may potentially trap contaminants. With the HI-BAR Wash Flow Screen, these contaminants will be washed uninterrupted downstream in the main, unfiltered flow. 

While taking advantage of the washing effect to increase screen life, Lee HI-BAR wash flow screens provide protection for servo valves, bearings or any other component requiring finely filtered fluid. Currently they can be found in a wide range of uses in both fuel and hydraulic systems. 

The safety screens are available in a variety of installation configurations, sizes and materials including stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, brass, PEEK and MP35N. Lee HI-BAR Screens can be manufactured with circular hole sizes down to 25 micron or more than 1500 micron. In addition, custom configurations have been produced using rectangular slots. These are effective in screening fluids with spherical particles while providing maximum resistance to clogging.