Self-drilling screws

16 May 2017

The concept of self-drilling screws came out of the need for speed and the realisation that by putting a cutting face on the end of a power driven screw it could cut its own hole and immediately generate a female thread, so saving a considerable amount of time. In the case of self-drilling Tek type screws, with integral sealing washer, Challenge Europe says this time saving is increased, together with the added functional improvement of instantaneous sealing.

Challenge Europe is a significant supplier of self-drilling screws for application in general engineering, the construction industry, agriculture and others, where steel, other metal or plastic sheet needs secure fixing to steel frames, wood or composites. The Challenge Europe production service means that they can help specify the correct screw and ensure reliable supply on a Kanban or similar basis.

The self-drilling screws are offered in a variety of configurations to suit the specific requirements of the material into which they are being driven e.g. drill points, gimlet point with serrated lead threads, needle point, etc. Head forms available include self-countersinking, pan head, integral flange or hexagon heads in plated finishes and in stainless steel.