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Webinar series on developing future manufacturing workforce

06 June 2017

Manufacturing companies are being offered expert advice on three areas of developing their future workforce talent and leadership through a webinar series as part of the MakeGreat campaign organised by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation.

The webinars, delivered by EEF experts will offer advice on those looking to progress their own career, those looking to progress successful leaders with their business or companies looking to develop the right skills for greater productivity. They will be held through June, July and August and will cover:

•  Achieving career progression success

•  Developing future leaders

•  Managing performance, the good, the bad and the ugly

According to a recent survey published by EEF, improving management and leadership skills is one of the key factors businesses need to improve to improve their own performance, as well as improving the productivity performance of the economy overall. And the survey shows such skills are in huge demand with three fifths (59%) of manufacturers’ saying the priority for growth is People Management and Leadership.

Furthermore, the survey shows whilst 85% of HR professionals believe that their firm’s managers are good in functional day-to-day work, they don’t lead as part of their role.

In addition, just 15% say that there is strong leadership at every level of the organisation, with managers creating a sense of purpose and direction for their team, while almost half (46%) believe their managers don’t make good role models with 56% unable to recognise the need for change.

The survey also shows that managing effectively and motivating people continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing managers say over a third of HR professionals (34%).

Full details of the series and how to register can be obtained from www.eef.org.uk/make-great-webinars where there are also details of CMI and ILM accredited training that EEF offers to develop leadership and management skills