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High precision distance measurement

02 August 2017

The SICK OD1000 displacement sensor is said to set new standards in high-precision distance measurement with its 1m scanning range and resolution down to 450µm. It was developed to achieve high consistency and linearity in measurement results on many different surfaces and colours, even at high production speeds.

Many automated industrial processes such as the metal forming and automotive industries, depend on such precision measurements, for example for on-belt positioning, metal sheet edge counting and diameter checks on spools or coils for unwinding tasks. SICK says the OD1000 offers new levels of precision and range at an affordable mid-price point. With intelligent measurement filters incorporated in the firmware, objects with virtually any surface or colour of object can be reliably measured. 

Says Neil Sandhu, SICK’s national product manager for measurement systems: “The OD1000 delivers excellent results over a wider distance range than has ever been achievable previously. The OD1000 simplifies machine integration and is easy to install and commission.

“Users welcome the fact that it is a compact, low-cost, single unit device that’s easy to install. It is very easy to mount and set up, with an on-board OLED display.  Using the SICK SOPAS parameterisation software, with its innovative new menu structure, allows easy distance visualisation and teach-in.”

The OD1000 incorporates SICK IO-Link communications to enable set process parameters to be uploaded and saved, making commissioning and device replacement swift and error-free. IO-Link also provides opportunities for enhanced data handling and diagnostics.

A choice of outputs is available, including switchable, scalable analogue (MA/V) and push-pull.