Personnel-cleaning booth

05 August 2017

ACI’s Personnel Cleaning Booth provides a safe and effective means of removing and collecting dust/fibres from people and clothing. It is ideal for cleaning employees’ dirty work clothes to avoid exposing themselves, co-workers, or their work environment to elevated dust levels.

Without taking off clothing/PPE equipment, can remove most visible traces of any dust/fibre from themselves and clothing within approximately 20 seconds.

The ACI Personnel-Cleaning Booth is a self-contained, free-standing unit incorporating the company’s blower-powered, internationally-proven JetBlack personnel de-dusting system. The JetBlack delivers a high volume of filtered air at low pressure, sufficient to remove dust and fibres effectively and safely, even when directed at exposed skin.

In operation, the integrated JetBlack is used by Booth occupants to dislodge all dust and fibres which are then drawn down away from personnel - avoiding re-coating of clothing - through a grille floor by a vacuum effect created by and external blower. All removed materialls can then either be gathered in a 123 litre collection drum or vented directly into an existing exhaust system.

“The ACI personnel de-dusting cubicle offers multiple benefits. It achieves effective cleaning of personnel, prevents recontamination of the factory via its exhaust system and helps with quality control in the manufacture of ovens.” Walter Keiler, Safety Coordinator, Bosch + Siemens Hausgeräte.