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Strategic partnership announced

16 August 2017

Industrial services provider ERIKS UK & Ireland has formed a strategic partnership with steam specialist TLV to expand its asset management, condition monitoring and support services.

The partnership will allow ERIKS customers to benefit from TLV’s experience, as well as its portfolio of steam products. The company, which is headquartered in Japan, has been working with steam for more than half a century and has acquired more than 3700 patents to date.

TLV’s main priority is providing a holistic approach to steam system integration for its clients. ERIKS’ customers will now also be able to take full advantage of the company’s Steam System Optimisation Programme (SSOP), a three-phase evaluation of an entire system to improve safety, efficiency and productivity. 

ERIKS will also be able to recommend products from TLV’s portfolio, such as the Cospect, which provides a compact, all-in-one solution for steam systems. The Cospect is one of the few products available in the steam market that combines solid particle removal, steam separation, condensate removal and pressure reduction.  

ERIKS has a number of partnerships with specialist providers of industrial products and services, from sealing technology through to power transmission, gaskets and flow control. The new partnership with TLV will expand its support capabilities for the flow control portion of ERIKS’ business, providing customers with access to TLV’s risk-based analysis and Lloyd’s-approved testing systems.

Nigel Ord, general manager of ERIKS UK & Ireland Flow Control business, said: “The direction of travel for ERIKS is to move beyond being simply a supplier to a business that can offer services across the entire life cycle of a piece of equipment, through specification, installation, repair, and operation.

“Partnering with specialists such as TLV will enable us to leverage further knowledge and advice and to help support our customers looking to make the most of their steam systems, whether this be from an asset management or a condition monitoring perspective. This will also pave the way for ERIKS to build relationships with TLV customers, who may benefit from other products and services that we supply.”

Michael Povey, general manager of TLV UK, said: “Having worked with steam for over 60 years, TLV is well positioned to provide the support and guidance that ERIKS needs for the flow control portion of the business. This partnership is designed to be mutually beneficial, helping to raise our profile within the UK and showcasing our expertise and the benefits of our three-phase steam programme, as well as providing our clients with a range of other products and services offered through ERIKS.”