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Beware non-BCAS members

18 August 2017

A survey of compressed air users has revealed that a significant number of those using non BCAS members are dissatisfied and worse 19 per cent could be left non-compliant with health and safety and environmental standards.

BCAS members score significantly higher satisfaction ratings than non BCAS members across all of the factors listed in the survey, which also examines opinions across a number of industry issues including Industry 4.0.  

Download a copy of the report here

Food and Beverage Best Practice

BCAS has just made its Food and Beverage Grade Compressed Air – Best Practice Guideline plus guidance and training materials free of charge. Prepared in conjunction with BRC Global Standards, the guide is designed to help processors make informed decisions relating to compressor systems operating at a pressure greater than 0.5 bar.

Download Guide here

Technical Advice FAQ

The most commonly asked questions to our technical helpline relate to compliance with standards and legislation with questions relating to responsibility for the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) for a leased or hired compressed air system, the legality of using jubilee clips and Air Receiver CE marking.

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Supporting Bereaved Children

BCAS is raising money for Winston’s Wish charity this year, which supports children and young people after the death of their mum, dad, brother or sister. Every day more than 100 children lose a parent and the charity helps them move forward from such an event and face the future.

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