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Energy review tells only half the story

12 September 2017

While welcoming the UK Government's launch of an independent review into reducing energy costs, Steve Hughes, managing director, REO UK, explains why he believes it only tells half of the story

The average UK industrial electricity cost in 2016 was the third highest among G7 countries. This is not solely due to high energy costs but rather the hidden expenses of inefficient, ageing and electrically unsound equipment.

Ageing equipment consumes more energy because of inefficient electrical circuitry, which can also cause power quality problems such as electromagnetic interference (EMI), harmonic currents and voltage distortions in industrial plants and factories, resulting in higher energy bills.

Power specialists have long identified these problems and worked with businesses to address them but a Government-supported review of these hidden costs is necessary to spark change.

As the UK plans to position itself in a post-Brexit world, a review of the hidden industrial energy costs would signify the Government’s commitment to its domestic industry. Business leaders are already doing their part, so we must call on the Government to contribute.