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Boiler update completed on time

05 October 2017

After nearly 30 years of solid service at the Novotel hotel close to the centre of Sheffield, a pair of R18 Series Stokvis Econoflame boilers have been replaced with new models.

The work to install the two new R3401 boilers was led by West Midlands based Technical Assets.

The Gas Safe registered contracts manager responsible for dozens of Accord Group hotels across the country, called on the services offered by Stokvis Energy System for the successful execution of a staged replacement programme to update the Sheffield Novotel's basement boiler room.

Martin Bulger of Technical Assets who project managed the boiler replacement, commented: "We decided to carry out this work last summer when the hotel heating and DHWS loads would be reduced, which then enabled the boiler replacement work to be completed over a programmed three week period. We decided to make full use of the Stokvis ‘Boiler Dismantle and Re-Assembly' service given that accessability in to the plant room was restricted. This enabled us to transfer the new boilers in to the plant room quickly and easily.

"In week one the two new boilers were dismantled and re-assembled and transferred in to the plant room ready for installation. This then enabled one of the old Stokvis R18 units to be decommissioned. In week two, the first Stokvis R3401 boiler was installed and allowed to 'settle in', whilst the second Stokvis R18 original boiler was still operational. The new Stokvis R3401 boiler operated without any issues following its installation. Following this successful proving period, the second Stokvis R18 boiler was removed and replaced with the new Stokvis R3401 boiler, which enabled the planned programme to be completed on time.

Stokvis also offers a fully responsive service for commissioning and the continuing maintenance of its equipment.

Martin Bulger continued: "This had to be a seamless transition from start to finish, so we had our installation engineers stay in the hotel overnight in the first week, just in case there had been a problem. We also received excellent support from Stokvis' technical department: such as talking us through a modification to the wiring of a unit over the phone".

Martin added, "One of the things I like with regards to working with Stokvis is that you can always get a solution and a quote immediately when you have a job to do. Subsequently we also decided to replace the two existing Plate heat exchangers with two new Stokvis Econoplate Fully Packaged heat exchanger units. Consequently the project became a full overhaul in the end, with everyone happy at the outcome - I cannot fault the service we get from Stokvis"

The two new Stokvis R3401 boilers are at the lower end of outputs for an extensive range of Premix commercial boilers offering high efficiency, low NOx and excellent reliability. Speed controlled fans enable the different units to modulate between 25% and 100%