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Browser-based M&T software package

28 September 2017

MeterWeb 2 from Elcomonent is a browser-based M&T software package that's designed to be there when users need it, and works the way they do. Its multi-level approach allows users to configure dashboard presentations for 'at a glance' display of key messages and performance data, but also provides a fully configurable and comprehensive data analysis and reporting package.

A flexible user-interface allows users to drill down into data and create custom graphs and reports. MW2 links seamlessly to web-based weather services too, so degree day data are created automatically. Occupancy and area data are equally easily assimilated so an ESOS Energy Intensity ratio is easy to calculate.

Data upload iis more frequent than the traditional 'day +1' interval traditionally offered by web-based M&T, and update intervals as short as one hour are readily achieved.

Users always own all their data which is available for their archives at any time, and can request a regular data dump at no extra charge.

MeterWeb 2 has been built from the outset as web-based package using the latest design tools. That means it delivers a responsive desktop that makes the best use of a browser environment without any of the drawbacks.