New finishing products

05 October 2017

When it comes to finishing applications, Master Abrasives offers a range of products along with application advice via its technical sales representatives. Having now been appointed UK distributor for the US-based abrasive lapping and microfinishing film manufacturer, Nanolap Technologies, Master will now also be able to offer lapping and polishing solutions required for demanding surface finishing applications.

Nanolap Technologies' main products can be categorised into three groups: abrasive lapping film, abrasive microfinishing film, and abrasive slurry. The precision films are used in a range of metal and glass finishing applications including, bearings, automotive engine components (camshafts, crankshafts, etc.), HVOF sprayed rolls, tungsten carbide rolls, and many more industry applications where precision surface finishes are required.

The range of Nanolap's products are available in aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, cerium oxide, silicon dioxide, and diamond grits, from 0.1 to 100 microns, depending on the abrasive chosen. These films can be converted into discs, sheets, tapes, and rolls, with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive (psa). The abrasives are selected according to application requirements to optimise the precision polishing operation, which the technical team at Master Abrasives can help to assess and advise on.

Nanolap’s comprehensive line of abrasive slurries and pastes has a range of particle sizes 0.1μm and coarser, using aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, diamond, and cerium oxide powders. Physical and chemical properties (abrasive particle size, crystal phase, purity, viscosity, pH) are tightly controlled to maximise product performance for each lapping and polishing application. These polishing slurries are suitable for a broad range of surfacing applications, such as ophthalmic, automotive, metal polishing, glass polishing, and plastic polishing. The advantages claimed for Nanolap’s polishing slurries include excellent dispersion properties for a controlled surface finish and fast material removal rate. They also have a long life, produce low levels of foam, and are easy to clean.

For new customers and processes, free of charge trial materials are available and the potential for a turnkey process exists with the option of performance testing. This also brings benefits to customers with existing processes, as the technical experts at Nanolap can simulate the process in-house to analyse how applications can be improved. For more information, contact Master Abrasives to discuss your finishing application requirements and arrange your free of charge trial sample.