Simplifies electrical PD measurement

03 October 2017

The UltraTEV Plus² from EA Technology has been designed to simplify the interpretation of electrical Partial Discharge (PD) Measurements.

The company says the launch of the new hand-held instrument is a big step forward in understanding and interpreting the measurement of Partial Discharge (PD), a major cause of failure in High Voltage (HV) Electrical Assets.

Partial Discharge occurs in and around the insulation material on HV equipment such as cables and switchgear. The discharge is caused by gaps, voids, contamination and defects in the insulation and this is where small “arcs” take place. Once this process starts, it only increases and can lead to failures, so being able to detect partial discharge as early as possible has major safety, financial and security of supply benefits.

Unlike measuring Volts and Amps, PD measurements can be difficult due to the sensitivity of the measurement and environmental conditions out in the field. The UltraTEV Plus has been designed based on feedback from Electrical Engineers around the world: 

Interpretation: The UltraTEV Plus² tells the operator if the measurements are real PD or if it’s noise or interference: it sounds simple but it takes lots of experience to have the confidence to make these decisions.

Data Capture and Management: The UltraTEV Plus² can capture measurements and transfer them via Wi-Fi, meaning inspection staff can record data and move on to the next job. All the information is then available for PD and Asset Management experts to analyse the results; making comparisons, looking for trends and integrating the information into corporate Asset Management systems.

Functionality: PD measurement on cables is now possible with the UltraTEV Plus² , also new analytical tools allow greater ability interpret more complex results.