Sporty safety shoe

20 October 2017

Supertouch, PPE specialist, in partnership with Aimont, is now stocking Vigorex safety footwear, featuring BASF’s ‘Infinergy’ technology.

Originally designed with athletes in mind, the Vigorex sole provides heightened shock absorption, and optimised comfort and cushioning. However, it’s not just those in the sporting world who spend many hours on their feet. Research has found that those in fields such as logistics, could be walking up to 20km a day on average, putting pressure and wear and tear on their feet over time.

With this in mind, the high performance Infinergy material was introduced to safety footwear through the Vigorex sole. Thanks to its special cell structure, the soles are extremely lightweight and combine the mechanical properties of elastic materials. Supertouch says this results in anti-fatigue, giving off a ‘rebound effect’ whereby the shoes dampens shock impact and return the expended energy back to the wearer.

Stephen Beresford, strategic marketing manager at Supertouch commented: “We all know the importance of safety in the workplace, but comfort should never be underestimated within a productive working environment.

"Uncomfortable footwear can cause a whole host of long term problems, such as lower back ache and circulatory issues. However, introducing the innovative Vigorex soles to safety shoes marks our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the latest in world leading PPE and we hope that our customers love them as much as we do.”