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Quick delivery of refurbished welding equipment

29 November 2017

Refurbished welding equipment from Westermans International is used by the Shenyang Welding Equipment Company in Shenyang, a company that sells and leases new and refurbished pipe engineering tools and machinery to industries ranging from semi-conductor manufacturing to the pharmaceutical sector.

Shenyang Welding Equipment Company's ability to meet customers requirements – both to order and via its own stockholding – has allowed Westermans to provide specific purpose-designed equipment that delivers in terms of both performance and cost.    

Orbital welding equipment, which typically provides tube-to-tube fusion welding, is one of the main types of unit supplied.  Providing high quality results, Westermans says it can supply systems to accommodate tube welding needs to match diverse dimensions and materials, all at a fraction of the cost of comparable new equipment. The result is savings which Shenyang Welding Equipment can then pass on to its own customers.

Claire Spillane, company secretary at Westermans International, says: “AMI units have proven to be particularly popular in the Asian market and have become a key element of our supply service to Shenyang Welding Equipment. In all cases, we were able to react very quickly to the company’s ordering needs – and, of course, those of its markets – which itself can often be as important as the savings in cost that can be achieved.”

Link Lee at Shenyang Welding Equipment Company, says: “Westermans are not only able to provide highly cost effective machines but also a professional service and advice from which we have benefited from the beginning of our relationship. The supply of two units, for example, for use in a project in Xian with a supply requirement of just 20 days, was fully met by Westermans – half the time required for a new unit to have been made available directly by the manufacturer. 

"In every case, the equipment has performed reliably and to a high standard, and we are delighted to have been able to work with Westermans and to develop a supply partnership where both companies share common values for performance and delivery,” he concludes.