Energy management system

28 November 2017

An advanced Energy Management System (EMS) has been unveiled by Vickers. The system is said to deliver accurate heating control with maximum efficiency, enabling industrial and commercial premises to gain control of their heating and reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions.

Complete with an improved touch screen controller, the new EMS features highly accurate digital air sensors located in each zone to optimise the performance of a heating system. Calibrated to ±0.1°C, the digital air sensors enable the system to eliminate any wasted energy with precision accuracy, as integral algorithms process both internal and external temperatures to automatically adjust the heaters to achieve a pre-set temperature. The sensors also have the capability to manage the recirculation of quality air instead of always pulling air in from the outside.

Due to an advanced self-learning programme, the system can calculate the necessary burn time for each heater to achieve its target temperature, and can detect how long a heater will take to cool down and switch the heater off accordingly.

Chris Pearson, MDirector at Vickers, says: “With the Energy Saving Trust claiming that every degree over the target temperature will add 10% to a company’s fuel spend, this system will ultimately save significant amounts of money, as well as energy and CO2 emissions. Indeed, with typical payback periods of just two to three years, it’s an investment that will yield substantial returns for most companies.”

Demonstrating Vickers’ flexible approach to an end user's heating, lighting and energy arrangements, the new system is not only compatible with lighting systems, it offers improved controls for multi-stage boilers, thereby sharing the load to increase efficiency. It can even be interfaced with utility meters

EMS can be monitored from any location due to cloud-based technology. In addition to viewing performance and energy usage, changes can be made from any internet-enabled device, thereby providing a high degree of control. Proactive alerts and messaging are sent via the outstations, thereby managing local behavior, and the portal - namely Vickers Vision - will display alerts, zone by zone usage, and alarms. Automated monthly reports can also be generated to show the benefits gained from installing this system.

The system comes with Vickers complimentary 12-month warranty and service agreement which includes an onsite annual health check, engineer call outs, and software updates. This can be extended at any time to ensure the EMS continues to optimise efficiency.