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Level switches: Ready for Industry 4.0

29 November 2017

Baumer's LBFH and LBFI level switches have IO-Link and ATEX approval and are suitable for hygienic and industrial applications. The IO-Link interface allows users to automate the configuration of sensors, while the inclusion of ATEX enables the use of commercially available barriers.

The level switches are Industry 4.0-ready. The communication interface enables each application to be configured quickly and easily using standard network components. This ensures error-free duplication of the system and device replacement without the need for additional programming.

Diagnostic data can be called up and evaluated at any time, which increases system availability. Just like their predecessors, LBFH and LBFI level switches meet the criteria for ATEX categories 1 and 2 for gas and dust.

Reduced current consumption means that commercially-available standard barriers can be used in addition to the Baumer barriers. This increases flexibility in terms of integration even in existing plants, and reduces installation costs.

Two switching outputs make it possible to set independent trigger thresholds. This means two different process steps, such as production and cleaning, or two media groups, such as water and oil, can be monitored with one sensor. Additionally, the two switching outputs facilitate a plausibility check of the sensor. Complementary trigger point setting ensures wire breaks are reliably detected, thus guaranteeing effective monitoring of all programs.

Both variants are suitable for use in temperatures to 135°C, while the variant for hygiene applications also has SIP capabilities.